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Hanex® solid surfaces are hygienic and safe material that is suitable for kitchen and bathroom. We offer wide selection of colors, sinks & bowls, and special adhesives which make seamless design.


Hanstone Quartz is made of natural quartz, one of the hardest materials, to produce durable yet luxurious surface. It provides the desired hue and captures the spirit and essence of natural colors.


Deco film are surface finishing materials that emphasize aesthetic design of window wrapping, door, cabinet doors and kitchen & bathroom furniture. Enhance the prestige of your home!


Bodaq interior films are treated with a special adhesive on the back of the film. The diverse patterns, color and texture make beautiful interior place. It is easy to install and effectively reduces time for installation.


Hyundai L&C exterior foil is used for the lamination material for PVC window profile, panels, doors and fences. It has strong weatherability resistance against exposure.

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HYUNDAI EXTERIOR FOIL®which has below’s technical characteristic (Appendix #1) is guaranteed to discoloration for notified period.


  1. Target Area : Eastern / Central Europe
  • Austria. Belarus, Belgium, Czech Rep, Denmark, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Eire, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Romania, European Russia, UK, Ukraine, Slovakia, Sweden

2. Warranty Period : 5 years

3. Discoloration Range : Above grey scale 3 grade


No.Item SpecRemark
1AppearanceDefect Type◦ At a distance of 60cm, by the naked eyes under the proper light shall
observe the defects such as visible dots, dents, pimples, line, dirt infusion, and gloss irregularity.
2Product◦ Multi-layered film with acryic top layer and PVC base-film.

◦ Acrylic top layer has strong weathering resistance against UV ray

◦ Special PVC base film & printing pigment improve HBU & stability
RAL-GZ 716
3Weatherability◦ Meets the demands of RAL-GZ 716 Part Ⅱ -a-3

◦ A Total Irradiation of above 20GJ with Grade 3 on the grey scale

(DIN EN 20105-A03, DIN EN 20105-A02)
EN513 Method 1
4Thickness◦ Nominal -0.0 ~ +5.0mmDIN EN ISO 2286-1
5Width◦ Total Thickness : 200 ±20µm (Acrylic Top Layer : above 50µm )DIN EN ISO 2286-3
6Tensile strengthlength-way◦ Above 15N/mm ²DIN EN ISO 527-3
7Shrinkage◦ Within ± 1.0%(60°C, 10min)DIN 53377
8Emboss Stability◦ Gloss Change rate is Under 10% after Shrinkage Test

◦ Extruding and wrapping is possible without any change of properties in the proper process conditions
DIN 53377
9Unit Mass◦ 200±20g/m²DIN EN ISO 2286-2
10Heat Build Up◦ Above class 3 according to standard climate 23/50DIN EN ISO 291:2008-08
11Surface Gloss◦ Standard±2.5(60° Gloss) ※ It may be different for each pattern.DIN 67530
12Scratch Resistance◦ Above HB(Load 200g, 45°); (Pencil Strength : B<HB<F<H)ASTM D 3363
13Chemical Resistance◦ Not resistant to organic solvents, including paint-thinners and
14Maintenance◦ Appropriate cleaning with standard household cleaning agents