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Hanex® solid surfaces are hygienic and safe material that is suitable for kitchen and bathroom. We offer wide selection of colors, sinks & bowls, and special adhesives which make seamless design.


Hanstone® Quartz is made of natural quartz, one of the hardest materials, to produce durable yet luxurious surface. It provides the desired hue and captures the spirit and essence of natural colors.


Deco film are surface finishing materials that emphasize aesthetic design of window wrapping, door, cabinet doors and kitchen & bathroom furniture. Enhance the prestige of your home!


Bodaq interior films are treated with a special adhesive on the back of the film. The diverse patterns, color and texture make beautiful interior place. It is easy to install and effectively reduces time for installation.


Hyundai L&C exterior foil is used for the lamination material for PVC window profile, panels, doors and fences. It has strong weatherability resistance against exposure.           

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Here are frequently asked questions! You can find an answer to your question before contacting us!

  1. Is Hanex® stain-resistant?

    Hanex® is stain-resistant. Because Hanex® is nonporous, stains cannot penetrate the surface, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.

  2. Is Hanex® heat-resistant?

    Although Hanex® remains stable and undamaged in temperatures up to about 100ºC (or 212ºF), high heat or flame will damage the surface of the Hanex®. However, in most of those cases, the damage can be repaired. To protect your Hanex® from heat damage, always use a pad or a trivet with rubber feet when using hot pots, or heat-generating appliances.

  3. How do I clean my Hanex®

    Hanex® is easy to clean. Soapy water or an ammonia-based cleaner is all that is necessary for day-to-day care of your Hanex®. Minor scratches, burns or discoloration are also easy to repair. Major damage should be repaired by a Fabricator/Installer of Hanex®.

  4. Who can install Hanex®?

    A trained professional must install Hanex®. Please consult your Hanex® distributors in your region.

  5. Does Hanex® require special sealing?

    No, Hanex® is nonporous. Unlike natural stone, Hanex® will never require the sealing that makes it easy to live with! Hanex® is a beautiful, maintenance-free surface that you’re sure to enjoy for many years to come.

  6. Do some colors last longer than others?

    Not necessarily, although lighter colors show wear less visibly and require less frequent maintenance. All Hanex® Solid Surfaces colors will provide many years of dependable service.
    Note : Like most materials, dark colors, and particularly dark colors that have been finished to a high gloss will potentially show scratches or abrasion marks. If scratches occur over time, the surface can easily be resanded and refinished. Refinishing must be performed by your Fabricator/Installer and, typically, you will be charged at the standard hourly service rate by them.

  7. Are Hanex® Solid Surfaces hygienic?

    Yes, Hanex® Solid Surfaces are inherently nonporous, with smooth, impenetrable seams. Unlike other surfaces such as laminate, tile and granite, Hanex® Solid Surfaces have no grout lines or ridges to trap dirt and germs. This exceptionally smooth surface makes Hanex® solid surfaces easy to clean. Hanex® Solid Surfaces can be fabricated as one continuous surface to further reduce areas for bacteria to grow.

  8. How do I repair a scratch or cut?

    Scratches and cuts can be buffed away with a light duty scrubbing pad and a mild abrasive cleanser.

  9. Are Hanex® Solid Surfaces ever used in flooring?

    Solid surfaces are not intended to be used as a flooring material, though it has been used as stair treads. However, If you want to use Hanex® for flooring application, we recommend using in less traffic area.

  10. Can I purchase sheets of Hanex® Solid Surfaces and install it myself?

    To ensure quality installation and full warranty, Hanex® Solid Surfaces are only available by licensed fabricators.

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