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Hanex® solid surfaces are hygienic and safe material that is suitable for kitchen and bathroom. We offer wide selection of colors, sinks & bowls, and special adhesives which make seamless design.


Hanstone® Quartz is made of natural quartz, one of the hardest materials, to produce durable yet luxurious surface. It provides the desired hue and captures the spirit and essence of natural colors.


Deco film are surface finishing materials that emphasize aesthetic design of window wrapping, door, cabinet doors and kitchen & bathroom furniture. Enhance the prestige of your home!


Bodaq interior films are treated with a special adhesive on the back of the film. The diverse patterns, color and texture make beautiful interior place. It is easy to install and effectively reduces time for installation.


Hyundai L&C exterior foil is used for the lamination material for PVC window profile, panels, doors and fences. It has strong weatherability resistance against exposure.           




Hyundai L&C Europe GmbH expressly warrants that it will repair or replace this product, free of charge, if it fails due to any manufacturing defect during the first 10 years after initial installation. If it is determined by Hyundai L&C Europe GmbH or its authorized warranty service agent that a defect in the material is identified within the ten year period, Hyundai L&C Europe GmbH will, at its sole option, repair or replace the defective Hanex® sheets in accordance with the following warranty provisions and exclusions.

Hanex® Solid Surfaces
Transferable 10-Year Limited Warranty

Hyundai L&C Corporation (hereunder “Hyundai”) warrants to the purchaser that its product Hanex® Solid Surfaces, when fabricated and installed by Certified Hanex® Solid Surfaces Fabricator/Installer, shall be free from defect.

Under this Transferable 10-Year Limited Warranty, Hyundai’s authorized agents must be permitted sufficient time and opportunity to inspect the Product(s), evaluate and respond to any claim. All decisions regarding the existence of manufacturing defects or affecting this Warranty shall be made by Hyundai and shall be final and binding upon all parties.

The ten year limited warranty applies to Hanex® Solid Surface materials which is stored, handled, fabricated, and installed in the manner recommended by the Hanex® solid surfaces Fabrication Guide. Damage due to improper fabrication or installation is the responsibility of the fabricator/installer.

Minor variances and differences in color, pattern – usual in the sector or technically unavoidable – shall not be regarded as a shortcoming.

Only a specific product range of Hanex® is suitable for outdoor application. This warranty is expressly limited to the the Hyundai L&C Europe GmbH approved range of products.

Hanex® Solid Surfaces Transferable 10-year Limited Warranty Does Not Cover:

  1. Products and/or materials that have not been paid in full.
  2. Failure to comply with Hyundai’s recommended storage, handling, fabrication and installation and care & maintenance guidelines.
  3. Damage caused by accidents, abuse, and/or misuse.
  4. Damage caused by natural or environmental disasters or through vandalism or war-related influences.
  5. Improper workmanship of Fabrication and/or Installation.
  6. Exposure to Extreme Heat; a Trivet is always recommended for the use of your Hanex® Solid Surfaces.
  7. Installed Hanex® Solid Surfaces that is removed from their original place of installation or alteration/repair performed on product by one other than Certified Hanex® Solid Surface Fabricator/Installer.
  8. Product(s) installed in any outdoor application without the required authorisation of Hyundai L&C Europe GmbH.
  9. Color Variation from Samples.
  10. Failure caused by inadequate support or structural movement.
  11. Exposure to harsh or corrosive chemicals and cleaners.
  12. Excessive weight placed on Hanex® Solid Surfaces.
  13. Appearance of edges, joints or seams due to improper fabrication/installation. Appearance of grout and/or caulk is not covered under warranty.
  14. Supplemental repairs including, but not limited to, plumbing modifications, electrical, tile, cabinetry, flooring, backsplashes, etc that may be necessary to repair or replace the Hanex® Solid Surface under this warranty.
  15. Minor conditions such as scratches, stains, water spots, and burns, which may be corrected by Hanex® care & maintenance instructions/guidelines.
  16. No other warranties express or implied, are made, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Except as provided herein, Hyundai is not liable for any loss of direct, incidental, or consequential damages as a result of the inability to use Hanex®.

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